Advent 2013 – Catholic Schools Community Update

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Dear Catholic School Students, Parents & Supporters,

I am pleased to share my latest Catholic schools community update in this Advent season.  

May this be a time of peace, love and hope in God for you and your family. A Merry & Blessed Christmas!

Advent Reflections from Pope Francis:  the Magnificat & Hope

“The Song of Mary, the Magnificat, is the song of hope; it is the song of the people of God walking through history. It is the song many saints, men and women, some famous and very many others unknown to us but known to God: mums, dads, catechists, missionaries, priests, sisters, young people, even children and grandparents; these have faced the struggle of life while carrying in their heart the hope of the little and the humble.  Mary says, “My soul glorifies the Lord” – today, the church too sings this in every part of the world. For us Christians, wherever the cross is, there is hope, always. If there is no hope, we are not Christian.  That is why I like to say, do not allow yourselves to be robbed of hope.  May we not be robbed of hope, because this strength is a grace, a gift from God which carries us forward with our eyes fixed on Heaven.  And Mary is always there, near those communities, our brothers and sisters, she accompanies them, suffers with them and sings the Magnificat of hope with them.”  Pope Francis, Homily, August 15, 2013


Jo-Ann Davis – Elected Chair of the Board, TCDSB


chair and vice chair

I am honoured to announce that I was elected Chair at our annual caucus on 28 November.  As Chair, I will work hard to ensure confidence in the way decisions are made, and the way the Board is represented.  As St Francis of Assisi said, “Preach the Gospel at all times, and when necessary, use words.”  Our faith demands action – love is an active verb.  Our actions as a Board tell others what we value, and ultimately who we are.  So too do our collective actions ultimately define us all.



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