December 2014 Community Newsletter

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Dear Catholic School Students, Parents & Supporters,


the spirit of Christmas which is Peace…
the gladness of Christmas which is Hope…
the adoration of Christmas which is Joy…
and the heart of Christmas which is Love…
be yours now and tomorrow.

Humbled to Be Re-Elected as your Catholic Trustee
Thank you to all the Catholic school supporters in Ward 9 who demonstrated their commitment and interest in publicly funded Catholic education by taking the time to exercise your right to vote.

As your Catholic trustee, I am here to serve you, and as always, I welcome your emails and phone calls. I encourage everyone to stay informed about the work of the Board and issues impacting on education signing up for my newsletter here at

Advocacy & Initiatives – Since my June, 2014 Newsletter

Given the October election, any new initiatives after the end of the 2013 to 2014 school year, had to wait until after the decision of the electoral had been received:

• Coming Annual Ward-Wide Leadership Meeting – Pastors, Principals, Parent Council Chairs: this year’s annual ward-wide leadership meeting has been organized for 3 February, 2015. The evening is beginning with Mass at Holy Rosary church celebrated by pastor Fr Jim, followed by a reception, and then the formal meeting in the Holy Rosary school gym. Topics for discussion include exchanging ideas for engaging families in math; supporting the transition to grade 9, and best practices around the school/parish partnership. St Raymond’s school and St Peter’s parish will be giving a short presentation on what they do to create such a fantastic partnership for our families. Superintendent Shanahan will give a short presentation on the TCDSB’s recently approved Board Learning Improvement Plan for 2015 to 2018 (see back page for more information).
• My Committee work for the coming year: At the inaugural meeting, I was appointed to the following committees for the coming year, in addition to being on the Student Achievement and Corporate Affairs committees-of-the-whole-board: Catholic Social Justice, Governance & Policy, and the Filipino-Speaking Communities Advisory Committee.

For the full newsletter please click on Jo-Ann Davis December 2014 newsletter

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