The Greening of Msgr Fraser Annex Campus

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On 30 November, 2016, we held a community meeting to have a conversation about the local school community vision for the greening of Monsignor Fraser College, Annex Campus (on Markham St).

The Vision for Monsignor Fraser College’s Green Space

  • To support and extend project based and experiential learning at the alternative school through programming in Green Technologies, Food and Nutrition, Design, Technology and Art.
  • To enhance the school’s relationship with the wider local community through collaboration in using and maintaining the green space.

How We Got Here

  • In 2014, a budget of $25,000 for the School Ground Greening Project at Msgr Fraser Annex Campus was approved by TCDSB. This amount was intended to fund a small local greening project.
  • In 2015, an initial meeting with Councilor Cressy took place and we laid out our vision for cultivating the campus’s south field (currently a paved playground) as an education ground and community outdoor hub.
  • Coming out of a consultation meeting which included Councillor Cressy, St Peter’s parish, Homegrown, Evergreen, the David Suzuki Foundation, and local residences, the Board approved the hiring of a consultant to develop a feasibility study using the original approved budget.
  • In 2016, two design options were presented to these same stakeholders, and a final design along with cost estimates was generated from this meeting.
  • Understanding the challenge of completing the entire project as a whole due to insufficient funding, phasing the project and a donor strategy was then developed.

At the 30 November the following final Green Design for Monsingor Fraser Annex was shared –



Estimated Project Costs:

Option 1 – Costs to perform all the work at once

Estimated Construction cost: $287K / (consultant fee: $50K)

Option 2 – Cost to perform the work in phases

Phase 1:  Estimated Construction cost: $81K (consultant fee: $35K)

Phase 2:  Estimated Construction cost: $78K (consultant fee: $1K)

Phase 3:  Estimated Construction cost: $236K (consultant fee: $14K)

To perform the project in phases would increase construction cost by $108K.

As this type of project is not funded by the Ministry we have been applying for grant funds in cooperation with our community partners like FoodShare and HomeGrown.

Supporting the Project Financially

Should you be interested in supporting this local project financially, donations are not designated to any specific elements (except the Memoriam donations); they are used to raise funds to complete the entire project or to complete the highest priority items first.

Tax deductible receipts will be issued for donations of $10 or more.  Contributions of any amount are welcome.  All donations will be acknowledged online either by name or anonymously.  Donations of $5,000 or more will be acknowledged on a permanent engraved plaque on site, located at the sculptural element at the reflective space (or similar prominent location).

In Memoriam DonationsAs a lasting tribute, donations can be made in memory of an individual.  Memorial plaque opportunities on site include:

3 new benches at the community parkette

2 new benches at the east staging area

4 seats in the reflective space

10+ trees

In Memorial donations may be made in the amount of $10,000 and include the installation of one new bench or tree, one engraved memorial plaque (3” x 8”) affixed to the bench or tree with the honored individual’s name and information, as well as maintenance of the element and plaque for a period of 10 years.

Next Greening Steps

As was shared at the meeting on 30 November, it is hoped that a small greening project with FoodShare will be in place in the south field in the spring of 2017.  Discussions are also underway with staff to determine whether there are funds available to remove at least some of the high fencing in the south field to begin to open up the space to the community.

Those in attendance shared some great ideas for how to keep the community engaged and informed – some kindly offering to distribute flyers for coming gatherings!

We agree that being able to show some small progress towards our larger Green vision is the best way forward.

Further updates on the Greening project will be posted on the Msgr Fraser College – Annex Campus page.




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