November 2012 Community Newsletter

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My latest community newsletter with Board updates since June is being sent out to schools and parishes across our downtown ward this week.

Here is a a full view of that newsletter:  Trustee Davis Ward 9 Newsletter for November 2012

Thanks again to everyone who attended this year’s ward-wide CSAC chairs, principals & pastors meeting on 6 November.  Our downtown community was well represented!  We began with Mass at Holy Rosary – then CSAC Chairs, principals, and pastors shared their ideas and challenges in support of students.  I asked parents to share their thoughts on the Board’s communication of the Multi-Year Strategic Plan – clearly we need to develop more dynamic  ways of connecting with our communities!  Actions and ideas coming out of the meeting will be shared with all schools!

One question which I asked those in attendance was what they knew about our 2012 – 2105 Strategic Plan and whether any dialogue on the plan was taking place at the school level.  It’s a critically important document developed by trustees and senior staff which is driving Board decisions – please take the time to get informed!

What do YOU Know About the TCDSB 2012 – 2015 Multi-Year Strategic Plan?

– Our Mission: The TCDSB is an inclusive learning community rooted in the love of Christ. We educate students to grow in grace and knowledge and to lead lives of faith, hope and charity.  

Our Vision:  At Toronto Catholic we transform the world through witness, faith, innovation and action.

We have identified 6 overall goals for the 3 years – Living our Values; Fostering Student Achievement and Well Being; Strengthening Public Confidence; Achieving Excellence in Governance; Providing Stewardship of Resources; and Inspiring and Motivating Employees.  Our Director has created annual targets to provide evidence-based progress against those goals.   The strategic plan was developed by trustees, and senior staff over several months, and it is driving our Board decisions, and student achievement and well being initiatives.

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