Underway in Ward 9 – St Bruno/St Raymond & St Luke/Senhor Santo Cristo School Reviews

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In carrying out its mission to educate students to grow in grace and knowledge and to lead lives of faith, hope and charity, the Toronto Catholic District School Board is committed to its goal to support responsive and responsible stewardship and allocation of resources.

The Ministry of Education’s current Capital Priorities Funding focus is on projects that promote efficient use of space. In support of this initiative, the government has established a new, four-year, $750 million School Consolidation Capital program. This funding program will be allocated on a business-case basis for new schools, retrofits and additions that support consolidation of schools that are under-enrolled / are under-capacity, and currently cost the TCDSB about $25 million annually given the gap between Ministry grants and the cost of operating these facilities.

At its Corporate Affairs committee meeting held on January 22, 2015, after careful consideration, the Board of Trustees approved the initiation of School Accommodation Reviews involving St Bruno /St Raymond and St Luke / Senhor Santo Cristo in line with the board’s policy S.09 on School Accommodation Review http://tcdsb.org/policyregister/S.09.html.

An Accommodation Review Committee (ARC) has been created locally for each of the two groups of schools above, and includes representation from parents/guardians (6), students (2), principals, teachers and non-teaching staff (6),  trustees (2), the School Superintendent (1), local pastors (2) and the local City Councillor (1).

In leading the public review process, the mandate of the ARC will be to study, report and make recommendations on accommodation options regarding the group of schools under review.

Based on our policy, public consultation must consist of at least four public meetings to occur over a minimum of 90 days, starting from the date of the first public meeting.  Meetings of the ARC will be open to the public – your Catholic voice is critical to this process.

After the ARC has completed its recommendation report of the future state of Catholic education in their community and submitted it to the Director of Education, the Director will prepare a report regarding the findings for the consideration of the Board of Trustees meeting.

There will be many opportunities for school community input and comment prior to any final decisions by the Board of Trustees.

Dates of Remaining Public Meetings for St Bruno / St Raymond ARC:

2nd meeting – March 31st, 2015 St. Raymond, 7 PM, 270 Barton Avenue

3rd meeting – April 29th, 2015 St. Bruno, 7 PM, 402 Melita Crescent

4th meeting – June 29th, 2015 St. Raymond, 7 PM, 270 Barton Avenue

Dates of Remaining Public Meetings for St Luke/ Senhor Santo Cristo ARC:

3rd meeting – April 14th, 2015 Senhor Santo Cristo, 7 PM 30 Humbert Street

4th meeting – June 10th, 2015 St. Luke, 7 PM 319 Ossington Avenue

This accommodation review is the first step in seizing the opportunities available to schools which are able to consolidate their enrolment and benefit directly from the government’s offer of support and assistance.

In addition to local communications, you can find up-to-date information relating to the review on the Board’s website at http://www.tcdsb.org/Board/PlanningandFacilities/SARC/Pages/default.aspx.

We look forward to working collaboratively with your school communities to find solutions to create equitable learning environments for all students that support student achievement and well-being.


Angela Gauthier, Director of Education

Jo-Ann Davis, Trustee, Ward 9

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