Ward 9 Community – Your December 2011 News Update

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A Blessed Advent and a Merry Christmas to All!

Below is a link to the latest Ward 9 community newsletter providing you with updates since September from the Board, the committees on which I serve, upcoming ward events, and action taken in support of our students and Catholic education.

A few highlights:

Bullying & Student Safety. At the October Board, as part of a report on Student Suspensions & Expulsions, the results of the 2010 School climate surveys were provided:

  • More than 96% of elementary students and 91% of secondary students feel very safe or safe at school.
  • 62% of elementary students and 55% of secondary students have never been bullied.
  • 65% of students have witnessed bullying 24% of elementary & 12% of secondary students have reported it.

As I noted as the Board meeting, improved metrics are needed to better understand the impact of our policies and in-school programs in creating safe schools.

Second, bullying situations usually involve more than the bully and the victim; they involve bystanders —those who watch bullying happen.  Given the power of the ‘helpful bystander’ to prevent or stop bullying, I directed staff, with the support of trustees, to add the role to our Safe Schools policy.  For more, please read my blog, Stop Bullying Now – It’s Our Collective Responsibility.

Board motion to Strengthen Public Accountability.  At the November Board, trustees unanimously supported my motion for the Governance Committee to investigate the creation of an independent Ombudsperson role.  This would allow for the impartial investigation of complaints to determine whether we as a public institution acted fairly and reasonably providing a further mechanism to ensure our system is responsive to the needs of students and accountable to the public.  Work is expected to begin in the new year.

Angel Foundation’s 25th Anniversary Gala “Evening to Feed the Soul.”  Last year, the Foundation assisted 35,000 students, disbursed over $2million and served over 5 million nourishing meals.  This year’s November gala was a SOLD OUT success.  God bless and thank you to those in our community who support the work of the Foundation!

DEADLINES are approaching for School Awards & Student Scholarships!  For a list of available awards, scholarships and funds, go to the  Students & Parents / Resources page on this site.

Ward-Wide CSAC Chair, Principal & Pastor Meeting taking place on Wednesday, 11 January, 6:30pm: CSAC Chairs, principals, and pastors have been invited to share ideas in support of students, and the home-school-parish partnership.  In addition, the Daughters of St Paul Bookstore will be on hand selling Catholic books and media for both adults and children – the sisters would be happy to hold a Catholic book fair at your school or parish!

My TOTAL EXPENSES for Fiscal 2010 – 2011:  $1,336.34 for phone & internet services.   For all trustees’ expenses: http://www.tcdsb.org/trustees/Trustee%20Expenses/trusteeexpenses.htm

For the complete Decembers 2011 Newsletter:  Trustee Davis Ward 9 Newsletter December 2011

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