Excellence in Governance – TCDSB aiming to be the new Gold Standard!

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Governance provides a framework and a process for informed and effective decision-making by trustees.  Through our decisions and policies we demonstrate to our communities effective stewardship of our resources in the interests of our students and the community as whole.

In education, the demonstration of a board’s governance structure is its effectiveness in promoting and sustaining its achievement standards, accomplishing goals designed to bring positive results for our students and communities, and demonstrating accountability.

‘Excellence in Governance‘ is 1 of 6 major goals in our 2012 – 2015 Multi-Year Plan.   To that end, the Board’s  Governance Framework Committee (Trustee Davis, Chair) provides a focus for driving forward on governance-related initiatives.

As a Governance Framework Committee we are looking at, and developing answers (and actions!) to, key governance questions related to governance:

  • Does the TCDSB have the tools and resources to govern effectively?
  • Can we make informed, transparent decisions and manage risks to our vision with the policies and processes we have in place?
  • Do staff and trustees have the capability and capacity to effectively govern and support good governance or are further supports required?
  • Are we demonstrating good governance to the organization and the public?
  • Do we engage stakeholders in the decision-making process and make accountability real?

Please go to the Good Governance page on this website to get an update on what the Governance Framework Committee has been working on since December, 2011.


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