Below is a listing of all of your other public representatives as a resident of TCDSB Ward 9, which includes 6 City wards, 3 provincial ridings and 4 Federal ridings.

St Paul’s MP, MPP, City Councillors

  • Carolyn Bennett, MP
    1650 Yonge St., Suite 103,
    Toronto, ON M4T 2A2
    Phone: 416-952-3990
    Email: bennec(@)

Toronto-Centre Member of Provincial Parliament, City Councillors

Trinity-Spadina Member of Provincial Parliament, City Councillors

Member of Parliament, University Rosedale

Chrystia Freeland, MP
514 Parliament Street
Toronto, Ontario M4X 1P4
Phone: (416) 954-2222
Email:  chrystia.freeland(@)

Member of Parliament, Spadina-Fort York

Adam Vaughan, MP
Centre for Social Innovation, 4th Floor, 215 Spadina Ave., Toronto, ON , M5T 2C7
Phone: 416-533-2710
Fax: 613-992-6301